About CML

Welcome to Computational Medicine Laboratory!

The Computational Medicine Laboratory (CML) is a multi disciplinary laboratory at the University of Houston’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department which mainly focuses on designing control, optimization, estimation, and signal processing algorithms for biomedical and neural engineering applications. CML is lead by Dr. Rose Faghih, who has successfully collaborated with various medical doctors in different fields such as endocrinology, psychiatry, and gynecology over the last 9 years. CML focusses on medical cyber-physical systems research and develops biomedical signal processing and control algorithms for human technology interactions, and prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment of pathological conditions related to neuro-endocrine and neuro-psychiatric disorders. CML brings the power of mathematical modeling to biomedical researchers and clinicians to aid in different pathological conditions.

Dr. Faghih’s Short Bio on IEEE TV, Women in Engineering,  “I Change the World. I am an Engineer” Special Series, 2013

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