Undergraduate Research

We are committed to undergraduate research and are  looking for highly motivated undergraduate students.

Independent Study (ECE 4398): Undergraduate students can perform research in our laboratory as a part of an independent study course.

Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship: Undergraduate students can perform part-time mentored research in our laboratory through the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship (PURS). Please visit PURS webpage for more information.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Rising University of Houston sophomores, juniors, and seniors can perform focused, full-time, 10-week research in our laboratory through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). Please visit SURF webpage for more information.

National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program: The Cullen College of Engineering (CCoE) at the University of Houston and the NSF BRAIN Center at CCoE host Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program called Neurotechnologies to Help the Body Move, Heal and Feel Again. The program is designed to inspire bright and motivated undergraduates to pursue graduate education and careers in science and engineering research. Please visit CCoE REU webpage for more information.

Undergraduate Research Day:  
Our undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to present their research to the University of Houston community by participating in the Undergraduate  Research Day. Please visit Undergraduate Research Day webpage for more information.

Our lab’s undergraduate researcher Chaoxian Qi successfully presented his research at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Day. Congratulations Chaoxian! [Link to Program]  

Undergraduate Students


Huy Hua, Independent Study Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student, University of Houston (January-May 2018)




Zanne Soliz, Independent Study Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student, University of Houston (January-May 2018)



Undergraduate Alumni


Chaoxian Qi, Visiting Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Student (senior), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (February – May 2017)



Ruo You, Visiting Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Student (junior), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (July – October 2017)

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